Pure CBD Tincture


As the misconceptions surrounding CBD have slowly died down, a surging number of people are interested in trying the mystery compound. Whether they’re drawn in by researchers’ claims that it can ease physical pain, or are searching for the touted mental health benefits, CBD is undoubtedly sweeping through the market and converting new users into die-hard fans.

Just what is this natural supplement? Surprisingly, CBD is only one out of 120 natural, non-psychoactive compounds derived from hemp. Also contrary to popular thought, the use of CBD is not a new phenomenon. In fact, middle-class businessmen and post flower-child era environmentalists formed an unlikely duo, popularizing the use of CBD in niche 1980’s health markets.

Ever since the era of neon leg warmers, users have commonly reported continuous benefits of regular CBD use: better mood, deeper sleep, more stable mental states, and decreased pain experienced from chronic conditions. Due to the growing cultural acceptance of natural remedies within the last decade, researchers are now able to explore the reasons why CBD works for so many.

It’s thought that CBD functions by binding to different areas in the body, dubbed endocannabinoid receptors, which influence every facet of health. CBD was found to be particularly effective at targeting inflammation, a general condition responsible for a range of health conditions: aging, eczema, psoriasis, emotional stress, arthritis, and cognitive decline.

Thankfully, many new CBD products have been developed for users to get the most enjoyment and benefit out of their strains. Oils, body creams, gummies, baked goods – you name it, it exists somewhere. Though, many newbies haven’t heard of tinctures, which are a favorite among seasoned CBD users.

Tinctures are a liquid supplement formulated with highly concentrated CBD from hemp extracts. Each tincture may have a different strength depending on different users’ comfort level and experience. Additionally, they come with milliliter droppers that allow for precise measurements. Guaranteed to be pure, the user always knows what they are getting from a Happytea.com pure CBD tincture.

Not only that, tinctures are incredibly versatile. Many decide to mix their liquid in food, hot beverages, cool lemonade by the poolside, or directly under their tongue at night for the quickest absorption. Additionally, flavors can be added to the tinctures, like peppermint or goji berry, to help the user drop into a relaxed state on immediate taste.

It’s clear why experienced users prefer the liquid droppers, too. Tinctures are highly concentrated, much like oil, but easier to ingest and absorb into the bloodstream. They’re very discreet, painless to use, and cost efficient compared to other products. With tinctures, the users’ health is in their hands – they always know just how much they are taking, making it easier to find the perfect dosage for any occasion.

Whatever the need, make sure to visit Happytea.com to explore the variety of effective and safe ways to enjoy CBD.

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