Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Strategy

DTC via company website, as well as using major online platforms including Amazon

Subscription model is available via website and is based directly on the proven success of Fit Tea (sold direct to 2M+ households).

Customers pay $12.47/month to access current Happy Tea products at a 90% discount .

We deploy our social influencer network primarily to educate our consumers about our brands

Proven Marketing Strategy

Building massive brand awareness and consumer connectivity though social and content marketing, supported by highly targeting advertising


Our Strategy for Driving Growth and Creating Investor Value

Capture headroom for growth within our organization and expand runway to give maximum strategic ramp time.

Expand into new markets and verticals by aggressively pursuing new product avenues.

Responsible capital deployment for maximum investment return.

Upcoming Milestones & Catalysts


Expand HappyTea

Cross-channel content strategy
Amazon launch
Affiliate launch
Subscription launch

Acquisition Target

Acquisition and integration

Expand Retail

Enhanced cross channel content strategy
Launch new products

HappyTea RTD Infusion Launch

Introduce new infusion beverage product line

Expand Product Lines

RTD Canned Beverages

The Happy Tea Social Machine

Our Marketing Strategies Span Across Search, Social and PR to Leverage Partnerships Across the Value Chain

When consumers are making a purchase decision, product form is the most important factor to consider for 52% of new cannabis consumers

At Happy we understand what our consumers are looking for – accessible, accurate, safe and effective products that align to their social and wellness needs

Our ingredient information and usage instructions give our consumers confidence in our products

We deploy our social influencer network primarily to educate our consumers about our brands

Influencer Marketing:

We have a highly established network of Specialists who our target markets recognize and associate with. Our media influencers create word-of-mouth advertising in a trusted arena. Here we focus on relationships not sales. We want to interact with our followers enthusiastically

Celebrity Endorsements

Our greatest competitive advantage - they build our prestige and image to attract our target market to drive sales. This platform drives our reach beyond other brands in the market