About Us


Building a global house of wellness beverage brands

• Everyone at Happy Tea believes strongly in this mission and live it day to day in service to our customers and their communities. 

• Our strategic focus is centered on delivering choice, predictability, affordability and thoroughly tested, quality products. 

• We are dedicated to helping our customers advance their well being by addressing mental and physical, whole body health.

• We are commited to helping people who suffer from anxiety live a happier life. Will you help us help them?


Michael Gonzalez - CEO

• Created and built Fit Tea and its subsequent related products to become an internationally recognized brand.

• Turned $12,000 in first year on Fit Tea to a $20M a year business.

• Established an innovative, online, direct-to-consumer model that resulted in a rapidly scaling presence with consumers and national blue-chip relationships

• Sales efforts with above model led to $161,511 in additional sales in the first week of its deployment.

• Relationships with many brands, including: Walmart, GNC, Bed Bath and Beyond, Rite Aid and The Vitamin Shoppe.


Our Team

An Elite Wellness Beverage Team

Michael Gonzalez

Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of Fit Products, growing the company to an international brand. Established an innovative, online, direct-to-consumer model that resulted in a rapidly scaling presence with consumers and national blue-chip relationships, including Walmart, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe and More.

Chris Delgado

Marketing, Operations

COO of Happy Supplements since January 2020. Previously Director, Marketing & Events at Cardone Training Technologies and at Tom Ferry International.

Jayden Garcia

Project Manager & Marketing

Strong track record in scaling a successful health and wellness brand. Experienced online marketer and e-commerce expert.

Dominic Verdejo


Director of RSD Capital, a firm focused on investing nurturing early stage companies through their critical phases of evolution. Valuable business relationships with international financial markets.

Keith Thronton

Retail Sales Director

25+ years in the Retail Distribution Industry. Former executive of NVE International and oversaw the development its Energy and Wellness brands.

David Wilson


Previously VP of Finance, Business Development at the Mark Anthony Group North America’s most diversified and successful private beverage company. 


Joseph J. Messina

Traditional merchant banking and direct investment activities. Financial and operational background in assisting in the development of growth companies.

Doug Christoph

Global Brand Marketing, Customer Business Development, Sales, and Emerging Brands professional from The Coca-Cola Company, Miller Coors, and several early stage companies. 

Scott Weiermiller

29 years of experience leading world-class business teams at Coca-Cola North America, Coca-Cola Enterprises and Proctor & Gamble. 

Stephen F. Horgan

Senior executive and entrepreneur who has successfully built businesses domestically and internationally. Served in executive positions for The Coca-Cola Company, Coors Brewing and MillerCoors.