Is CBD Legal In The United Kingdom?

United Kingdom

Curious to know if CBD is legal in the United Kingdom? Check out this article and learn more about it!

CBD And Its Potential Benefits 

In United Kingdom roughly 300,000 people have started regularly using cannabidiol. For years, researchers have demonstrated promising evidence in favor of CBD. They claim that people can use the substance to treat a whole host of mental and physical health problems.

Some of the conditions that they claim CBD can possibly benefit include chronic pain, inflammatory autoimmune conditions, depression, anxiety, and even cognitive impairments like Alzheimer’s disease. However, many UK residents are still confused about the legal status of CBD derived from hemp.

Is CBD Legal In The United Kingdom?

According to the Home Office, CBD treatments are completely legal for sale, purchase, and distribution. However, they should not contain more than 0.2% THC. Additionally, THC, the main psychoactive component in some strains of hemp, must not be easily filtered out the plant for isolated consumption. The CBD must be extracted from one of the sixty-three industrially certified types of hemp.

Moreover, sellers need to pay attention to how they market CBD foods and drinks. The reason is that there are currently some limitations when selling in the United Kingdom. In 2016, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency claimed that CBD products specifically marketed for medical treatment would need to be licensed.

As of now, almost no licenses have been granted in the territory. However, the product is completely legal to sell. The only conditions is that sellers make explicit medical claims about the benefits of CBD. It was a historic occasion when Sativex, a high THC and high cannabinoid blend medication, became the first legal CBD prescription drug able to be prescribed for epilepsy and Cachexia.

Lax Regulations Concerning CBD 

The United Kingdom has developed less strict regulation concerning CBD than other European countries over the past five years. In fact, the country’s lax regulation is what has helped motivate the European Union to push for open trade policies on CBD treatments, foods, and drinks.

Many shops, restaurants, retailers, and cafes offer products infused with CBD throughout the UK. High quality, concentrated CBD products can be found in historic districts and even in the countryside.

Some health officials are worried that the country’s policies are too lax towards the sale of the supplement. Currently, the only major restriction is that CBD vendors can’t make health claims. A few malicious vendors may cut their product using untested ingredients in order to slash costs. Others may not accurately label their products, perform crop testing, or contact third party researchers to verify the efficacy of their supplement.


It’s vital that every consumer research into the most trustworthy and reputable vendors. Currently, one of the safest routes to purchase CBD supplements from online vendors. Over the internet, vendors adhere more closely to the strictest legal regulations in order to market to the largest international audience. Visit our product page to explore safe, effective, and legal CBD remedies. 

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