Is CBD Legal In The United Arab Emirates?

United Arab Emirates

Curious to know if CBD is legal in the United Arab Emirates? Then keep reading and find out more about it!

The UAE Has Strict Drug Policies 

The United Arab Emirates has some of the harshest drug policies in the world. It’s very easy for travelers to thoughtlessly pack prescription or over the counter medications. However, these could be classified as illegal and land them in trouble. In 1996, the United Arab Emirates pushed through legislation which allowed for the death penalty in drug trafficking cases.

For instance, some travelers passing through the UAE have been arrested for even trace amounts of controlled substances. They received imprisonment sentences of up to four years. Amounts as low of 0.05 grams could lead to a guilty verdict. Yes, that means accidentally tracking something illicit on the bottom of a shoe could carry consequences.

Additionally, the presence of illegal drugs in blood or urine tests also constitutes possession. This could result in legal trouble, fines, or imprisonment. For reference, in 2006, a British tourist was jailed for having codeine, the primary ingredient in cough syrup, in her system.

Is CBD Legal In The United Arab Emirates?

So, how does this discussion relate to CBD’s legality? Like other countries, the United Arab Emirates has very unclear laws concerning CBD supplements and hemp extracted products. However, it’s vital that consumers remain cognizant of what is and is not legal in the area.

The country has extreme drug offense penalties. Therefore, most officials and outside experts recommend that users do not bring CBD supplements out of or into the United Arab Emirates. CBD with even trace amounts of THC, the illicit psychoactive substance, is considered completely illegal.

Customs officials and airport security may require that those carrying CBD supplements get blood tests which could potentially result in a positive result for THC. This means jail time, heavy fines, or even worse penalties if the government deems that the user was trafficking substances. CBD users who are pulled over while driving could also incur these blood tests, resulting in a criminal record.

Different Municipalities Enforce Different Regulations

Although this issue may seem cut and dry, the truth is that different municipalities enforce and approve different regulations. The Dubai Municipality clarified its stance on hemp extracts in 2018, stating, “The extraction of the hemp seed oil is done by pressing the seeds of the plant, similar to the methods of extracting olive oil and coconut with no other treatments.”

The release went on to state that the powerful anti-inflammatory substance had absolutely no narcotic properties. While this may come as a surprise to many, the truth is that there are currently no written laws concerning the legality of hemp extracted CBD products. However, it’s very unclear whether this defense would benefit a CBD user in an Emerati court and traveler’s embassies can’t help them escape from drug charges.

Bottom Line

All this said, if it’s a must to bring CBD into the territory, make sure to carry a doctor’s prescription note and certify that the supplement is CBD Isolate (meaning that it has no traces of THC). Avoid CBD products sold on the street. 

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