Is CBD Legal in Qatar?


With the amazing, upcoming autumn weather and busy flight season, you may be considering taking a trip to another country. Your list of items to be packed may be lengthy and perhaps a bit too long. You may also have some concerns about the items you would like to bring along. One such concern could be held for bringing CBD products out of the United States. Read this article and find out if CBD is legal in Qatar. 

Is CBD Legal in Qatar?

There is currently a one to four percent adult use of hemp-derived CBD in Qatar. This number is steadily increasing although there are restrictions on the use of medical CBD. Regardless, selling CBD products is currently illegal in Qatar due to the strict drug use regulations in place. Although it’s illegal, there are still many enthusiasts purchasing these products from other companies all while being aware of the risks.

If you are planning to bring CBD products with you to Qatar, we recommend having a medical prescription with you. By doing so, you will be less at risk for any fines or criminal charges.

Why are so Many Individuals Switching to CBD Products?

CBD or Cannabidiol offers something that most conventional treatments and medications don’t. It’s a form of treatment with little side effects and no risk of addiction. Because hemp-derived CBD is not addictive, numerous individuals are willing to overlook the minor side effects.

CBD has amassed its own market. A wide range of products are now available, including tinctures, gummies, infused-beer, vapes, and even shake-and-go drinks. The variety makes it easy for any individual to find a match for their taste or even a desired concentration of cannabidiol.

The substance works by interactions with the body’s own endocannabinoid system – the system responsible for the regulation of sleep, pain, appetite, and responses to infection or disease. The claimed anti-inflammatory quality of CBD Oil also makes it very efficient at possibly preventing or reducing symptoms associated with inflammatory ailments such as acne or dermatitis.

Studies done on both humans and animals concerning the medical applications of hemp-derived CBD have had promising evidence of positive results. Individuals with anxiety were able to surpass their fear of public speaking after a dosage, and rats felt less pain after given a CBD shot. After these studies, more and more people became interested in this substance. A lot of them asked their doctor for a prescription. 

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