Is CBD Legal In Pennsylvania?

Want to find out if CBD is legal in Pennsylvania? This article contains everything you need to know about the current hemp and CBD laws and regulations in the state. 

Pennsylvania, along with Wisconsin, was one of the most major hemp growers all the way until after World War II. However, this was only until the Farm Act of 2018 passed and it was once again decriminalized. Industrial hemp is a versatile plant and people have been cultivating it for thousands of years. It was useful as a source of fiber and food, and extensively employed during wartime shortages.

Industrial Hemp Law In Pennsylvania

For many, the deregulation of hemp and hemp-extracted products was a momentous occasion. Consequently, this was good especially for those who rely on cannabinoids, better known as CBD. It helped them cope with physical and mental chronic conditions. After national deregulation, hemp has started growing industrially in Pennsylvania. Residents were able to buy, sell, and distribute it all across the state.

The state defines legal hemp as any natural fiber high in cannabinoids and with strictly no more than 0.3% THC concentration, the psychoactive substance found in illicit drugs currently classified as Schedule I. Currently, Pennsylvania regulates hemp growers with a permit system handled through the Department of Agriculture. 

During the 2018 season, the first growth period of legal operation, over thirty three permit holders grew a sum of fifty acres of industrial hemp. The state allows cross-border sales of hemp extracts into other states, barring any with even a slight concentration of THC. However, this restriction prevents local growers from specifically marketing CBD to other states.

Is CBD Legal In Pennsylvania?

Users don’t need a doctor’s note or a specific certification to buy CBD supplements, and many local stores, corporate retailers, and cafes have started popping up with it added to food. Those with a doctor’s note are able to easily procure CBD with a higher concentration of THC. However, they need to first prove that they have a mental or physical condition.

Pennsylvania expressly allows users to buy from online vendors anywhere in the country to ship to the state. In fact, many health officials advocate for online sellers since they often have higher standards for quality, efficacy, and safety precautions.

Online vendors also have a wider area of product options and offer organic, non-GMO ingredients. provides only the most legal, reputable, and clean CBD products on the market for any interested consumer.

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