Is CBD Legal In Oregon?

Wondering if CBD is legal in Oregon? First of all, you should know that in the “Beaver State”, all forms of cannabis can be sold freely. Adults have access to medicinal and recreational hemp-cannabis products. To be even clearer, hemp can refer to any type of cannabis, industrial hemp refers to a very specific strain of cannabis that has Non-Detectable THC. 

THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is a psychotropic compound. 

Is CBD Legal In Oregon?

During 2009, Governor Ted Kulongoski signed HB676. This bill allowed for the “production and possession of industrial hemp and trade in industrial hemp commodities and products”.

Oregon has been a front runner and true advocate in the fight for cannabis. During 2014, the state of Oregon voted on the Control, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Act, also known as Measure 91. As a result, recreational cannabis and CBD products became legal across the state. 

Since it’s acceptance, the cannabis market in Oregon has remained successful. 

During 2017, Oregon Governor Kate Brown was quoted as saying “I look forward to continuing to work [with the federal government] to ensure a successful cannabis market while protecting the safety of our communities.”

The Bottom Line

Oregon has truly blazed the path for every other state in regards to cannabis and industrial hemp. Products associated with cannabis, such as CBD creams, teas, tinctures or oils are becoming widely accepted everywhere. However, other states have been more reserved throughout the years.

Cannabis and the many by-products of it can offer countless benefits. Back in the days, people used to create clothing, paper, rope and even food out of industrial hemp. Industrial hemp can also produce biofuel, which may be able to replace fossil fuels in the future. 

Research has shown that products such as CBD tinctures have helped countless people with chronic pain conditions and inflammation. We are at a delicate time in history right now. Opioids are a serious concern for most of us. Individuals who suffer from chronic pain conditions find relief in knowing that there are alternative options that will not cause addiction and adverse side effects to help manage their pain. 

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