Is CBD Legal In Oklahoma?

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill removed any confusion about CBD at the national level. However, states and localities are usually free to create their own laws and regulations. Therefore, is CBD legal in Oklahoma? Let’s find out!

Is CBD Legal In Oklahoma? 

Many states have only recently changed or updated their CBD related laws. One such state is Oklahoma, where recent changes formally legalized CBD in the state.

Until 2019, the purchase and possession of CBD was only legal through Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program. That changed with the passage of Senate Bill 238, which passed by an overwhelming majority and was signed into law on May 15, 2019.

Perhaps most interesting is the surprisingly liberal legal requirements of CBD sales. Unlike in many other states, retailers who want to sell CBD do not need to obtain a special license. The only condition is that the cannabis has to be grown legally, in Oklahoma, or in a state with the “same or substantially the same” requirements as Oklahoma.

CBD Market Is Not Completely Free From Regulation

That’s not to say that these businesses will be free from any government oversight or regulation. On June 3, inspections began on businesses which were selling food or drink CBD products.

However, like other states, Oklahoma has created a license program for the actual growing and farming of hemp. As of mid July 2019, 328 businesses had been awarded those licenses. The process was growing so rapidly that at one point, the number of licenses grew by 18% over a one week period! 

All things aside, this story has a strange twist. Facebook was recently sued by a coalition of medical marijuana and CBD sellers who alleged that the platform wasputting their businesses in “Facebook jail,” despite the fact that they were conducting perfectly legal business.


In total, there’s good news for Oklahoma residents. The state has become one of the many states to legalize the purchase, sale and consumption of hemp-based CBD. Furthermore, it appears to be in the process of setting up a robust inspection system which will protect consumers.

At the same time, Oklahoma residents are free to purchase CBD online. As such, if you are interested in purchasing high quality, affordable and reliable CBD, we encourage you to visit our shop

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