Is CBD Legal in New Zealand?

New Zealand

Wondering if CBD is legal in New Zealand? Keep reading to find out more!

The Medicines Act of 1981 declassified CBD (cannabidiol) from a B1 controlled drug to a prescription medicine. New Zealand was among one of the first countries to legally recognize the potential value of hemp extracts like CBD. The state claimed way back in the eighties that it was a non-addictive, non-psychoactive substance. By contrast, most countries only started catching up to this mentality in the mid 2010s. This happened after a wellspring of research started pouring out concerning the benefits of CBD supplements.

Is CBD Legal in New Zealand?

The island believes that CBD is not a harmful drug and, in order to increase consumer access, up to 2 percent THC concentration is allowed in consumer products. Other countries set their maximum allowable THC content to a mere 0.2 percent. This makes New Zealand one of the most liberal in attitudes towards CBD supplements. The redefinition of hemp as an agricultural commodity was in response to advice received from the Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs. The efficacy of CBD prescription drugs like the early Sativex has impressed the Committee.

Unfortunately, as an island, New Zealand has very strict importation laws concerning CBD. State officials consider the supplement to be a medical import. As a result, consumers have limited access to online supplements. Therefore, experts believe that the country’s supply of CBD will continue to suffer until more streamlined domestic cultivation is enabled and established. Individual users are allowed to bring higher THC content CBD into New Zealand if they have an original letter or prescription from an authorized prescriber.

Strict Laws Concerning the Importation of CBD 

Those who import CBD need to act carefully. They must remain on the right side of both domestic and international law. Many prefer to buy CBD online rather than in stores. This is because the prices are much lower for highly effective solutions. However, they may be running a risk if stopped by New Zealand customs.

Each online consumer should procure a Certificate of Analysis from their seller which will prove the concentration of the CBD; international shipments must have a THC content of below 0.3%, depending on the country of origin. If a CBD oil bottle contains 100mg of full spectrum cannabinoids, at least 98mg must be pure CBD and not any other type of cannabinoid. Additionally, users should contact their seller and determine if they have an importation license with New Zealand.

Bottom Line

If they act cautiously sellers and buyers can get hemp-derived CBD legally and inexpensively in the country. Take a look around to find the most legal, effective, and clean CBD solutions on the market.

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