Is CBD Legal in Netherlands?


You’ve probably heard of Netherlands’s open policy with regard to the sale and consumption of some forms of marijuana. But, is CBD legal in Netherlands as well? Keep reading to find out!

CBD’s popularity has recently soared across the world. Many people are saying that the substance has assisted them in a variety of ways. What is more, research reveals its potential benefits. While the drug isn’t new, its popularity is. Accordingly, many countries have had to adjust their laws to allow for their residents to use the drug legally.

Is CBD Legal in Netherlands? 

One such country is the Netherlands, where CBD is legal, but with some restrictions. CBD may be sold and consumed in the Netherlands as long as it contains less than .05% THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive component of cannabis which is associated with marijuana intoxication. Other restrictions state that users can’t purchase the product by simply invoking any ‘medical claim’. What is more, they are not allowed to consume more than 160mg on a daily basis.

This means that you can safely purchase certain forms of CBD without violating Dutch law. However, it is important to note the difference of legal THC levels of CBD in the Netherlands when compared to other places. For example, the United States’ federal government allows for CBD to be purchased and sold with a much higher THC level: .3%. Even Ireland, a country with a much more socially conservative character, allows for certain types of CBD to be sold at a .2% THC level. As such, if you are bringing in CBD from another country, you should confirm the THC level of the product. Failure to do so risks violating Dutch law.

‘Hard Drugs’ Vs. ‘Soft Drugs’ 

Another interesting wrinkle in the Netherlands marijuana law is its toleration law in certain coffee shops. Netherlands is known throughout the world for its open policy when it comes to some forms of marijuana sales and consumption. Dutch law distinguishes between “hard drugs” (cocaine, heroin) and “soft drugs” like marijuana. The sale of certain soft drugs, such as marijuana, is technically illegal. This means that violators will not be prosecuted as long as the sale and use meets certain criteria. These include not causing a nuisance, not selling to minors, not selling hard drugs, etc.

The above policy is worth noting because, at least in theory, CBD which met the above criteria but contained more than the .05% THC could be sold in these shops and fall under the broad definition of soft drugs. However, what is unknown is whether or not outside CBD could be brought into said coffee shop and used there.


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