Is CBD Legal in Nebraska?


When clinical trials of cannabidiol first hit the University of Nebraska, many CBD users felt hopeful that this signified a change in state law. CBD specialty shops and hemp-derived extracts started popping up on every street corner in Lincoln. This signified a radical shift occurring all throughout the state. However, the question remains: is CBD legal in Nebraska?

Business owners and consumers were convinced that the passage of the Farm Bill Act in 2014 allowed them free reign to grow, sell, and manufacture CBD products. For those unaware, the Farm Bill Act declassified hemp as a controlled, Schedule I substance. The act also re-positioned it as an agricultural crop on the national level. However, CBD is still at the mercy of local state laws which can change at will and almost without warning.

Is CBD Legal in Nebraska?

Nowhere is this more true than in Nebraska. Under current local law, it is legal for the University of Nebraska and other educational institutions to possess CBD. However, law enforcers could charge anyone who is not not involved in the pilot study for possession. Specialty shops that market CBD run at their own risk. Even so, the vast majority of them have never faced any legal consequences for operating within the past three years.

Currently, Nebraska government defines contraband CBD as any processed hemp plant that contains more than 10% cannabidiol by weight and no more than 0.3% THC by weight. In either liquid or solid form. Despite these regulations, many specialty stores and health shops openly advertise the sale of CBD. Law enforcers seem hesitant to crack down on the supplement.

In 2017 and in early summer of 2019, the attorney general reiterated statements that CBD is still illegal under Nebraska state law. It remains to be seen whether law enforcers will actually pursue legal action against the dozens of CBD shops. A lot of them opened up next to sheriff departments, in historic city centers, and in the state capitol. According to some rumors, a handful of raids have occurred at establishments that advertise CBD in Nebraska. However, the legal action is far from extensive.

Bottom Line

Nebraska has one of the harshest hemp and CBD regulatory policies in the country. As individual consumers and shops are penalized incredibly unfairly and unpredictably, health officials are continuously pushing for less regulation in the state.

Many advocates and researchers claim that creating greater legal access could foster collective societal benefits. This way, they can help users safely manage chronic pain conditions, mental health issues, and poor sleep quality.

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