Is CBD Legal in Montana?

The state of Montana has always had a contentious history with natural health products and non-addictive substances. After the 2014 Farm Act declassified hemp as a controlled substance and instead dubbed it an agricultural product, Montana has gone back and forth on its regulations regarding CBD for consumer use. So, what is the current status, is CBD legal in Montana? 

CBD Laws & Regulations in Montana

After several battles in the Montana House and Senate, the legislature backed down from criminalizing hemp-derived CBD in 2015. This came as a result of public opinion turning against them. Thankfully for many, CBD with only trace amounts of THC and high cannabidiol content is legal to purchase, distribute, and manufacture in the state. Montana has opted to allow the national regulations surrounding CBD use to be the de facto law of the land.

As of September 2018, under national law, CBD products with no more than 0.1% THC concentration have changed from a Schedule I substance to Schedule V. This means that it’s legal to purchase and cross state boundaries with low -THC products. Users in Montana can rest assured knowing that law enforcers will not accost them. They are free to purchase and use hemp-extracted CBD in the form of concentrated oils, tinctures, foods or pet treats. 

Over the course of thirteen months from June 2017 to July 2018, Montana collected over a million dollars in part from tax revenue on CBD products. The funds have gone to improve infrastructure and public education. This was a massive boon to the struggling school system in the state.

CBD Is Legal in Montana

Law enforcers are hesitant to impose any harsh restrictions on CBD use. The substance is non-addictive and has been an incredibly beneficial product for the state. Even if they have a medical prescription or not, residents over the age of eighteen are free to purchase CBD products.  

CBD specialty shops, smoke shops, local cafes, and farmer’s markets have cropped up with the supplements all over the state. Since 2017, no vendor has reported any legal issue with selling the product.

In this matter, national regulation becomes the default, making hemp products legal throughout the entire state. Even before the 2018 Farm Bill, Montana Bill SB-261 legally recognized that hemp was merely an agricultural crop which helped to later enable statewide cultivation of the product.

Bottom Line

Montana has some of the most liberal legislation regarding the cultivation, use, and sale of CBD products in the United States. In fact, some researchers are worried that the lack of regulation could allow malignant vendors to market unsafe or untested CBD products. It’s not unheard of for poorly crafted CBD treatments to contain dangerous ingredients. As such, it’s vital that every Montana resident does research into reputable sellers.

Strangely enough, the most reputable vendors are often online due to the more stringent national regulations concerning internet health supplement sales. Visit our product page to explore the safest, most effective CBD products crafted with honest care and love. 

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