Is CBD Legal in Missouri?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a non-addictive organic compound extracted from strains of hemp. In Missouri, the laws around the sale, use, and purchase of hemp extracts have been under review ever since the passage of the Farm Act in 2018. Many consumers are concerned and confused about the current status of hemp in the state. So, is CBD legal in Missouri? 

Is CBD Legal in Missouri? 

Despite the legal limbo that cannabidiol resides in, on the national level hemp is not considered a controlled substance. On the contrary, it’s been classified as an agricultural crop which can be distributed and sold across state borders. Locally, the legality of CBD derived from hemp is still not entirely resolved. It seems that court cases are continuously brought up against specialty shops and individual consumers in Missouri.

Regardless, hemp and cannabidiol treatments are sold in nearly every corner of the state and advertised liberally. Advocates continue to fight for the full decriminalization of CBD in Missouri, citing a range of health benefits that the treatment may provide. Regular use of CBD can help with: chronic pain, mental health concerns, or poor sleep. It has brought many users substantial relief from their persistent conditions.

CBD Legality Is Under Review 

“The legality of CBD oil [extracted from hemp] is still under review,” the Missouri Department of Agriculture commented. “We don’t want to make premature legal interpretations because of the untold effects of the federal Farm Bill.”

In effect, Missouri’s lawmakers lack of fuss about the issue means that CBD derived from hemp is technically completely legal. People buy topical ointments, oils, tinctures, and pet food containing the extract everyday without concern. Many stores claim they are acting legally because of the Farm Bill provisions on sale and consumption of CBD.

Currently the Missouri Medical Department of Health and Senior Services claims that the spread of CBD is limited only to those with a valid medical prescription. Users with incurable, and practically untreatable, forms of epilepsy can redeem a voucher for access to CBD with less than 0.3% THC content. Already, the funds generated from this act are going to research and development programs searching for cures to the seizure disorder.


The legal standing of CBD in the state is incredibly complex and often contradictory as the state determines whether or not the product is allowed under the law. Still, state regulation has not prevented the general consumer from procuring CBD in local shops and online stores. Prosecution of CBD sellers is extremely rare and vendors operate with the full knowledge of the state.

While the laws are still being ironed out, the safest and most secure method of getting legal CBD in Missouri is through online channels. We provide some of the cleanest, safest and most effective strains of legal CBD, so make sure to visit our shop

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