Is CBD Legal In Kentucky?


CBD Legislation Across The U.S.

In the US, any remaining confusion about CBD’s legal status at the national level was removed with the passage of the2018 Farm Bill. That legislation formally removed cannabidiol from the Schedule 1 list of banned drugs, thus clearing the way for the product to be produced, sold and consumed in the United States. However, the United States’ system allows for states and local governments to craft their own laws on the subject. Thus, legal approval at the national level is not the same as legal approval in every state and locality.

So, the question remains: is CBD legal in Kentucky? The answer to this is yes: hemp and its byproducts – including CBD – are legal to sell and purchase in Kentucky.

Industrial hemp cultivation was legalized in 2013 with the passage of Senate Bill 50. Kentucky’s legal experience with CBD began in 2014, when the state legislature revised the definition of CBD, allowing for patients to consume cannabidiol if prescribed by a doctor or clinical trial. However, the law didn’t allow for CBD to be distributed in the state, thus creating a situation where patients basically had to leave Kentucky in order to get a drug which they could legally consume.

Consumption Of CBD Is Legal In Kentucky, But Its Distribution Is Not

In 2017, Kentucky expanded CBD access with the passage of House Bill 33. The bill changed the definition of marijuana to exclude CBD provided that U.S. FDA approved the consumption of CBD. As such, the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill formally ushered the era of legal CBD into Kentucky.

When it comes to the growing, handling or processing of hemp, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture requires a license. Interestingly, growth of hemp without a license will subject violators to the same penalties as if they were growing marijuana.

The same law allows for the processing, sale and purchasing of CBD in Kentucky. The only condition is for the CBD to be hemp-derived and not contain more than .3% THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the substance in marijuana associated with intoxication.

This is good for Kentucky, as hemp is big business and a cash crop, having generated $57.75 million in sales in 2018. This is a massive increase of the $16.7 million number from 2017. The amount of acreage used for hemp also saw a massive spike, growing from 11,000 acres to 42,000. Indeed, the formal removal of CBD from the Schedule 1 list of drugs came largely as a result of the work of Senator Mitch McConnell, Kentucky’s senior Senator and Republican Majority Leader.

Kentucky Residents Can Purchase CBD From Online Vendors  

Fortunately, and unlike other state’s, Kentucky law allows for the purchase and sale of CBD from any internet vendor. As a Kentucky resident you can now purchase high-quality and low-cost CBD from anywhere. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing CBD, make sure to check out Happy Tea. We offer a variety of products, all of which are independently testing by neutral, third-party vendors. 

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