Is CBD Legal In Australia?

So, Is CBD Legal In Australia?

Is CBD Legal in Australia?  The quick answer to this is yes, sort of. There’s actually a great deal of confusion over what’s legal in the Australian market concerning CBD products. This article speaks about the legal status of CBD products in Australia, so keep reading to find out. 

What Is CBD?

CBD, found in hemp, is only one of over 120 active cannabinoids. CBD derived from hemp has very little THC, which is the mind-altering substance illicit in most countries.

According to most legal expert, hemp-extracted CBD users need to obtain a medical doctor’s permission before they can legally qualify to use the substance. 

CBD Is Legal In Australia Under Certain Conditions

In 2018, the national and state health ministers approved the trade of hemp products and food in Australia. This decision came after officials in Tasmania have sent out a recommendation to make the plant lawful. 

However, all hemp foods, including CBD supplements, cannot contain more than the allowed concentration of THC. Any compound with even a slight THC content above 0.005% is deemed an illicit substance and not cleared for use, distribution, or manufacture.

Australia has some of the harshest laws regarding the trade of hemp derived products. Some agriculturalists who didn’t intend to manufacture high THC concentration hemp have actually received legal indictments and orders to destroy their crops.

Despite all of the negative press concerning the country’s laws, general consumers over the age of eighteen can walk into any store and purchase CBD products. They can buy a variety of CBD products such as oils, tinctures, and dog treats, without any repercussions.

The CBD Market In Australia

Growers are allowed to import hemp seeds, oil, and extractions into the country provided that they meet specific restrictions:

  • The hemp can only be derived from specific parts of the plant, excluding the seeds and flowers;
  • Vendors can’t make any health or dietary claims regarding their CBD or cannabidiol in general.

Most politicians in Australia feel tremendously positive about the impact CBD sales have had on the country. The majority are confident that hemp products pose no harm for individuals’ or communities use. Even so, they want to regulate the market to weed out malicious vendors and growers.

Researchers have linked sustained CBD use with improved mood, diet, and a myriad of benefits on users’ physical health. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, a set of receptors in the body which affect nearly every aspect of life.


Australian health ministers plan to conduct yearly reviews every November. The goal is to determine the impact that hemp products have on local markets and users’ health.

According to experts, there may be increasing potential for more deregulation of CBD as politicians realize the positive economic benefit of hemp. For legal access to CBD, consider visiting our shop to find the most effective and clean CBD remedies. 

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