Is CBD Legal In Alaska?

CBD Legal In Alaska

UPDATED 1/27/2020

The Short Answer

Yes, CBD is legal in Alaska. However, there are some interesting differences between Alaska and all other U.S. states. Read on to find out more.

CBD’s Legal Status In The USA

The passage of the 2018 Farm Billremoved any legal confusion over CBD’s legal status in America. By removing CBD from the Schedule 1 list of banned drugs, the 2018 Farm Bill essentially confirmed CBD as legal to sell and consume in this country. However, every state has its own laws and regulations, so the question remains: is CBD legal in Alaska? 

Prior to the 2018 Farm Bill some merchants and websites were already selling the substance. Thus, the legal grey area over CBD’s status spurred some states to act to take stronger regulatory action. 

Is CBD Legal In Alaska?

As a result, Alaskaenacted Senate Bill 6, one of the most comprehensive regulatory efforts taken by any governing body in the United States. Senate Bill 6 regulated the production of industrial hemp and its byproducts, including CBD. Indeed, the passage of Senate Bill 6 was largely related to the boom of CBD.

Here’s why this is important: Though the bill passed before the legalization of CBD at the national level, the law – and subsequent proposed regulations – still apply today.

As a result of the passage of Senate Bill 6, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) issued a series of comprehensive guidelines which regulate the production and sale of CBD. The DNR is the legal entity of the Alaska government which has purview over hemp and CBD regulation. However, these guidelines are still in draft form, and as of late July 2019, have not yet taken effect.

Broadly speaking, these regulations seek to do two things. First, they set up a license system that comes with a series of strict regulations and inspections. This license system is for:

  • Hemp growers – those who actually grow the industrial hemp;
  • Processors – those who turn hemp into another product, like CBD;
  • Retailers – those who sell the raw or processed hemp. 

Second, the Alaska DNR requires that it endorse any hemp or hemp-related product (like CBD) which is sold in the state. Vendors that want to earn a DNR endorsement need to meet a variety of requirements, including labeling, testing, legal disclaimers and more.

CBD And Online Retailers In Alaska

While specifics are unknown, these regulations can be severely problematic for online retailers, who cannot comply with many of these regulations.

On one hand, unfortunately, too many CBD sellers do not accurately label their products. A recent Penn State study of CBD sellers shows that nearly 70% failed to accurately label their products. However, many sellers – including  Happy Tea – do use independent, third-party testing, thus ensuring accuracy in their labeling.

Hopefully, they will reach a consensus. This way, Alaska will have their justified consumer-protection concerns satisfied while still allowing internet-based CBD vendors to sell their products to Alaska residents.

As of July 2019, the proposed regulations had not yet taken effect. Thus, if you are interested in purchasing CBD at great prices, and CBD which has been independently tested for quality and accuracy in labeling, make sure to check out Happy Tea.

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