How Long Does CBD Last?

OK, you’ve heard all about CBD and what people claim it does. But the question is, How Long Does CBD Last? It’s true, CBD oil is increasing in popularity, but there are still some raised eyebrows when it comes to its chemical composition. These raised eyebrows are the result of many misconceptions associated with CBD.

Common Misconceptions:

  • It’ll get me high!” – CBD oil will not produce a high and does not have the intoxicating results that THC does.
  • I won’t pass a drug test!” – Fortunately, this is simply not true. CBD oil does not contain THC and you do not have to worry about failing a drug test.

These are the two most common misconceptions when it comes to consuming CBD oil. Lucky for you they are just that, misconceptions. Now that we have these fallacies out of the way, let’s get down to business.

So, How Long Does CBD Last?

Typical questions like “How Long Does CBD Last?” relate to the duration of the effects, how long it’ll stay in your body and its effects on professional work life. The time-frame of CBD effects can fluctuate.

CBD in any form is reported to have effects lasting from 1 to 6 hours. After effects have worn off, CBD is said to remain in the system for a range of time, varying from 2-3 days to a week. While there is no definite time-frame, there are several factors to consider:

  • How Much You Consume:
    Larger amounts of anything in the body will leave larger traces of its presence. The more a person consumes, the longer it remains in the system.
  • Potency:
    A higher concentration of oil in the body is going to be found more abundantly distributed and for longer than a less potent option.
  • Form:
    Inhalants, edibles, drops, and topicals are all variants for CBD use.
  • Frequency:
    Like dosage, the regular use of a product will supply the body with a steady stream of it. The more it’s consumed, the longer it will take to expel it.

CBD’s Effect On Work Life:

Those who are seeking employment or presume a drug test is approaching can rest assured that the consumption of CBD oil is neither tested for nor detectable on urine tests. CBD, when extracted from the hemp plant, contains no detectable traces of THC, leaving only the healthful benefits. There is no need to feel concerned about failing a drug test or being incapable of performing work duties properly while consuming CBD.

With the common misconceptions of CBD out of the way, you may want to consider giving it a try. People are flocking to Happy Tea for the wide range of health benefits claimed by satisfied subscribers all over the world. Happy Tea sells flavorful cannabidiol-infused teas.

Want to know more? Head to our store for more information on CBD and how it’s used in our teas.

8 thoughts on “How Long Does CBD Last?

    • Amber Stamatakis says:


      Although we cannot make any medical claims, CBD has been shown to have a wealth of benefits when consumed. Check out our article on that here.

    • Amber Stamatakis says:


      Happy Tea contains CBD, which has proven to help with inflammation. However, we always suggest speaking with your physician when it comes to more serious matters.

  1. andrew.c.johnson1904 says:

    So there isn’t even traces amounts of THC in this tea? I’m going to be getting drug tested soon for an employment opportunity and I can’t afford to pop positive

    • Amber Stamatakis says:

      Hi Andrew,

      Happy Tea does not contain any THC and has undergone lab testing to ensure a drug test will be passed after consumption. No worries in that department!

  2. Joel says:

    What form does the tea come in? Is it a powder form to be mixed with water? How much tea can be produced in the one month supply? Thanks

  3. Mike Madsen says:

    Hey Joel,

    I use Happy Tea and I can tell you it is a shake-and-go type of “tea”. It comes in individual packets that are perfect for a small bottle of water. I just open the packet, empty it into my water bottle, shake it up and drink. Pretty much that easy. Also the claims that it tastes great aren’t wrong. My wife prefers the mixed berry flavor but I’m partial to the Lemon Zen flavor.

    Because they are individual packets, a one month supply depends on how much you consume. I use it twice a day so I get enough packets to last me for however many days are in that month.

    Hope that helps!

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