What Is CBD Oil: Miracle or Mirage?

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What Is CBD Oil? 

Yes, that’s right – the miracle tincture your neighbor down the street is talking about is in fact CBD. For those of you who are still wondering what is CBD oil, you should know that over the past decade CBD, short for cannabidiol has swept the nation by storm. Almost four million Americans have adopted regular CBD use in the past decade alone.

It’s no surprise why either. Researchers everywhere are touting the potential positive health impacts of regular CBD use. Many users claim that this natural substance has provided them with a sustainable way to manage their conditions: from anxiety to pain management.

Over 80% of CBD users report a more stable mood, better ability to engage in work, and higher creativity after just one go. Contrary to popular thought, CBD is one of the many non-psychoactive components found in strains of hemp. If you want to start managing your symptoms without getting intoxicated, give CBD oil a chance! 

Help At Last

Researchers postulate that CBD induces sensations of sleepiness and tranquility. It also helps reducing symptoms associated with insomnia and anxiety. What is more, it’s effective and is reframing the user’s relationship to painful chronic health conditions.

The European Journal of Pain Management has found that CBD is effective at reducing inflammation and the symptoms of arthritis. To obtain the desired results, you can either apply it directly to the skin or ingest it. Researchers believe that CBD interacts directly with the brain and the immune system to decrease the nerve’s response to painful stimuli.

The Best Way To Ingest CBD

There are many ways in which you could ingest CBD. However, one of the most popular ways is taking CBD shots. Happy Tea Shots are a great way of taking your daily dose of CBD. You can take it directly or mix it into your drink. It has a great taste and is very enjoyable. Happy Tea products are one-hundred percent delicious, legal, and safe.

If you prefer drinking CBD tea, you should know that our Happy Tea sticks are water-soluble and they can be mixed directly so that no filmy oil layer is produced. Although oil is great for topical use, when it’s put into tea the body isn’t as effective at absorbing it. Here at Happy Tea, our production processes ensure that the CBD tea is at its most effective. After all, who wouldn’t want an incredibly tasty drink that’s both safe and beneficial?


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