Can CBD Oil Help In Autism?

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CBD Oil: Can It Help With Autism?

People who have autistic loved ones often struggle with decisions when it comes to their well-being. One of the things that makes it so difficult is that each person diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome experiences the condition differently. Patients don’t have the same experiences across the board. Some are high-functioning individuals who struggle with certain social situations or they have issues with communication. Others are non-verbal and struggle with a very short attention span. Some have violent outbursts and others have significant separation anxiety, often to the point of panicking when the person they are most attached to leaves the room.

Nevertheless, that same individual may have an equally intense reaction because of something as simple as a hug, even if it comes from the same person that they can’t bear to be away from. As a result, it can make it difficult to understand exactly how to treat autism, largely because people respond so differently to treatment. Furthermore, there haven’t been a lot of recent advances in treatment. However, one thing that seems to hold a lot of promise involves CBD oil.

How Can CBD Oil Help With Autism?

It all comes back to the endocannabinoid receptors that are present in the human body. It’s interesting to note that these receptors are designed with the express purpose of responding to cannabinoids that are ingested or inhaled. It’s equally interesting to know that they have a direct impact on both the brain and the neurological system. When a cannabinoid is present in the body, these receptors immediately become more active. In many cases, the activity increases to the point that it can effectively change the way the brain works.

In other words, CBD may be effective for helping to calm the mind of the person with autism, even to the point of dramatically reducing symptoms. By the same token, it can help with issues involving muscle coordination, thanks in large part to CBD’s potential for acting directly on the neurological system.

Is CBD Really Effective For Autism?

Obviously, CBD won’t work the same for every autistic individual that takes it. Some people have reported some rather dramatic improvements while others haven’t found the improvement to be nearly as noticeable. CBD isn’t any different than other therapeutic medication in this respect. It seems to work better for some than it does for others. While it’s not yet understood exactly why this is the case, it probably has a lot to do with the chemical components that already exist in the brain and the severity of the disease in question.

Nevertheless, CBD is widely considered to be generally safe so many individuals who have autistic loved ones are more than willing to give it a try in hopes of finding something that will help them connect with that person.

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    • Mike Madsen says:

      Hi Derek,

      There is some preliminary findings that indicate CBD might hold benefits for those with autism and there are anecdotal reports from people that claim some good effects. There needs to be a lot more studies done on CBD. If you want to read the information we’ve compiled on the subject please visit “How Can CBD Oil Help With Autism?”. However, please understand none of the information available on is intended as medical advice, nor should it replace the advice of your doctor. Please seek the advice of your medical professional before starting any CBD regimen.

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