Can CBD Oil Help In Anxiety

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CBD Oil: Can It Help With Anxiety?

If you live where CBD is legal, you probably don’t need to read this article to know that it is incredibly popular. CBD is legal in dozens of countries, including the United States, where nearly one in seven Americans have tried the compound. Thanks to this massive spike in use and popularity, CBD is expected to generate as much as $22 billion by 2022, according to one study.

CBD’s popularity comes from the millions of users who have had positive experiences with the compound. Furthermore, there is a variety of scientific evidence which shows that CBD may be able to help users address a variety of physical and emotional challenges.

However, CBD is relatively new to the market, and its various benefits are still being explored. One area where it may be helpful is in reducing anxiety.

Yes, CBD May Help Reduce Anxiety

First, it is important to note that more research must be conducted, and that there is no definitive link between CBD and anxiety reduction. You should also always consult with a medical professional before ingesting any new product which may have a medical impact on your body.

That being said, some studies claim to have shown that CBD may have a positive benefit on reducing anxiety.

CBD is not an anti-anxiety drug. It works by impacting your body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Your ECS has two main components: Cannabinoids, which are naturally produced inside of your body, and cannabinoid receptors. Generally speaking, CBD works by impacting the length of time which your body’s cannabinoids bond with cannabinoid receptors, and making those bonds stronger. This impacts a variety of bodily sensations, including pain, mood, fatigue, appetite and anxiety levels.

The specific mechanism by which CBD help reduce anxiety is currently unknown, but one theory holds that CBD may also impact serotonin, a hormone which is heavily involved in depression and anxiety.

Numerous studies have backed up the notion that CBD may be able to reduce anxiety. For example, a 2014 study found that CBD has properties which are similar to anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. In 2015, an analysis found that CBD may be able to reduce anxiety associated with a variety of illnesses, including social anxiety, PTSD and OCD. In May 2019, a small study found that CBD reduced anxiety in individuals who had a history of drug use and were exposed to a variety of drug-related imagery, including needles and drugs

Multiple surveys have also claimed to have found that anxiety reduction is popular among CBD users. A 2018 survey found that 62% of all CBD users used the compound to treat a medical condition, with the top three conditions being pain, anxiety and depression.

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CBD Might Actually Help Fight Addiction

Interestingly, it appears that CBD may be able to help fight against addiction. There are a few studies which back up this claim. For example, a case study in 2012 followed a 19 year old who was showing symptoms of cannabis withdrawal. She was treated with CBD, and the CBD was found to greatly aid in the reduction of cannabis withdrawal symptoms.

Similar results were found with individuals who had recovered from an opioid addiction. A 2019 study used individuals who had a history of opioid addiction and showed them videos of drug-related behavior, such as needles and drugs. The study claims to have found that individuals who had been given CBD showed lowered rates of anxiety and drug cravings than people who had not.

It is theorized that CBD could help fight addiction in numerous ways, including by reducing the stress and anxiety which is commonly associated with addiction. Significantly more research is needed before this conclusion becomes more definitive, but it does appear that there is potential for CBD to help fight addiction.

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