CBD Legality in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Frequent users of hemp-derived CBD products often worry about bringing their products into foreign countries. They are uncertain of the rules and regulations concerning the use of the product in that country. In this article, we will delve into the laws and regulations of Saudi Arabia to determine the extent of the legality of CBD products there. So, keep reading to find more about the CBD legality in Saudi Arabia. 

What is CBD and Who May be Using it?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, one of the two major active ingredients found in hemp. Advancements in the field of medical science have revealed an abundance of potential applications for CBD in treating certain ailments.

Consumers dealing with various medical conditions find CBD to be beneficial. It appears that daily consumption of a small CBD dosage has assisted in making the ailments more bearable. Research shows that cannabidiol could be used in treating chronic pain, arthritis, excessive anxiety, sleep disorders such as insomnia, or appetite loss. Researchers are still running studies on this topic due to the increasing popularity of the miracle treatment. The studies done so far have had positive results throughout. Test subjects had a decreased onset of any of the symptoms caused by the before listed ailments.

Cannabidiol functions by interacting with neurotransmitters from our endocannabinoid system. This is the system responsible for regulating appetite, sleepiness, pain, and our immune system’s response to infections or disease. By doing so, CBD can alter our perceptions of these functions or reduce any symptoms felt by dysfunction in these body areas.

There are little known side effects of the frequent consumption of CBD products. Amongst these are: nausea, irritability, and slight diarrhea. However, unlike conventional forms of medication or treatment, there is no risk of developing an addiction to the substance. Thus, CBD is a very safe alternative to conventional treatments such as opioids.

CBD Legality in Saudi Arabia 

Bringing your beloved products to other countries may seem a tad bit tricky due to the unknown circumstances in those countries. In Saudi Arabia, CBD, hemp-derived or not, is forbidden and punishable under the context of drug smuggling. Basically it should not be carried into the country upon harsh penalty if caught. Also, it is always best to carry a doctor’s prescription along with your products when leaving the United States. In the case that an instance does occur where you can be accused of drug smuggling, your prescription may be your best defense.

One rule of thumb to remember is that many countries are increasingly strict on bringing certain substances into their premises. Even by bringing something as harmless as a bottle of CBD gummies, you could potentially be at risk for the harshest penalty of all. It is best not to risk it!

Happy Tea Serving Your CBD Needs

Regardless of the legality of CBD outside of North America, it is still federally legal in all fifty states under certain restrictions (check your state’s specific laws on those restrictions). Thus, you are still able to make purchases of CBD at renowned website. For some great-tasting, healthy, and safe CBD products, be sure to check out HappyTea.com!

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