CBD Is 100% Safe & Non-Addictive


Is CBD 100% safe and can I take it at this time? Yes to both questions. However, there is no question about it: This is a tumultuous time in world history. The COVID-19 pandemic will ultimately infect millions and leave a path of devastation across the world.

As a result of the havoc being wrong by the Coronavirus, many people have begun to look at more non-traditional medicines as a way of keeping their body pain-free and their minds sharp. This has resulted in many examining CBD Oil.

To be as clear as possible: CBD is not a cure for the coronavirus. It will not help you prevent the coronavirus. However, countless personal stories and some scientific evidence suggests that CBD can help people deal with a variety of emotional and physical problems, including sleeplessness, pain, depression and more.

CBD is still relatively new to the market. Since it is a cousin of THC, many people fear what it will do to them. They worry about its potential side effects. As such, it’s important to make two very strong statements about CBD. It is not addictive, and it is totally safe.

CBD Is Not Addictive

Many people have a variety of concerns over CBD. In many cases, these concerns can be chalked up to CBD’s newness: After all, CBD was only legalized at the federal level with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill.

CBD, like THC, comes from the cannabis plant. There is considerable debate about whether or not THC is addictive, so it makes sense that people would question whether or not CBD is.

However: CBD is not addictive. This is for a few reasons. First, CBD doesn’t cause any sort of intoxication. Full Spectrum CBD contains no more than .3% THC. The amount found in CBD is well short of the THC levels found in marijuana. As such, there is no intoxication.

Additional studies have confirmed this. Even people who use large doses of CBD are able to stop using the substance safely and with no withdrawal effects.

CBD Is Totally Safe

As noted by a World Health Organization report on the subject, appropriately-produced CBD is completely safe, impossible to overdose on and well-tolerated in humans. While some people do report side-effects from CBD use, these side effects are usually very minor and easier to tolerate than the side-effects of many prescription drugs.

You should always talk with a doctor before starting CBD, just like you would any other supplement. This is because there are concerns that CBD can interact with certain drugs. Furthermore, always make sure that you only purchase CBD that has a Certificate of Analysis available with it. A Certificate of Analysis confirms the ingredients in the CBD. Unfortunately, these Certificates are necessary: Studies have found that many CBD vendors have been found to dishonestly label their products.

It’s worth noting that all of our products at Happy Tea come with Certificates of Analysis.

Many myths remain about CBD use, and during these difficult times, it is more important than ever to understand the truth about what CBD can and cannot do. Some scientific research on CBD has found that it can address many problems. However the internet is replete with stories about individuals who swear by CBD. 

Generally speaking, CBD is perfectly safe, as long as you check with your doctor before use and make sure you only purchase high-quality products. Furthermore, CBD is absolutely not addictive.

Here at Happy Tea, we know that CBD is 100% safe, but we want to prove it to you. Evidence is still evolving, but it appears that CBD has many positive benefits.


All Happy Tea Products Are Proudly MADE IN THE USA.

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