CBD Is A Pain Killer: True Or False?

Back Pain

If you’re wondering if CBD is a painkiller, you should know that it’s used by many people around the world who suffer from chronic pain. Studies have shown that CBD (cannabidiol) products could bring relief especially to those suffering from chronic pain and inflammation.

CBD: A Pain Killer?

Before establishing if CBD is a painkiller, let’s get straight to the facts. Researchers have linked cannabidiol with receptors in the brain and the immune system. These receptors are small proteins that are attached to cells in the body that send chemical messages from stimuli. This triggers a cell’s response. Because of the interaction between CBD and these receptors, studies have shown that it creates anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects.

People who suffer from chronic back pain are often treated with painkilling medications like opioids. Cannabidiol offers an alternative for people who do not want to rely on habit-forming medications.

A review of studies done in 2008, looked at data showing how well CBD managed chronic pain. The results were outstanding. This review showed that CBD was effective for chronic pain management, that it caused very little adverse side effects. These studies also concluded that CBD was a great option for treating chronic pain associated with conditions such as insomnia.

Cannabidiol And Arthritis

A study done in 2016 took rats and applied CBD gel for four days. The results showed that after four days the rats had a reduction in inflammation and overall pain in their joints.

Cancer Treatments And CBD

CBD has also been linked to the reduction of cancerous tumors in the body. The National Cancer Institute has also stated that CBD could be an option for those who suffer from the side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

Studies by the NCI have also shown that when used in conjunction with opioids that CBD oil can be better at managing pain than prescription pain medication.

The Bottom Line On CBD And Pain Relief

The bottom line on CBD is that research has directly linked CBD with effective pain management. There have been various studies using rats, mice and humans that have shown CBD to be a great alternative for those who suffer from chronic pain due to a variety of conditions.

Thankfully, this creates alternative options for those who suffer from chronic pain. If you or someone you know needs help managing their chronic pain conditions and think CBD can help, take a look around Happy Tea.

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