CBD Gummies Dosage

cbd gummies dosage

CBD products have gained quite a bit of popularity as of late. The potential health benefits of using CBD products have caused many individuals to make the switch from traditional means of medication or treatment to the safer alternative, CBD. Keep reading and learn what is the right CBD gummies dosage for you. 

What Is CBD Exactly?

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol is one of the main active ingredients in the hemp plant. It does not have any psychoactive qualities. On the contrary, is being studied widely across the country for its many potential uses.

When ingested, CBD may interact with neurotransmitters in our endocannabinoid system. The system tasked with regulating our bodily functions such as sleep, appetite, pain, and our immune system responses to certain diseases or infections. Many people report after using CBD it has been effective in reducing pain, inflammation, anxiety, and some symptoms of sleep disorders.

Users of CBD have commented on CBD’s potential benefits. They claim the substance could treat ailments such as arthritis, chronic back pain, acne, epilepsy, anxiety, and sleep disorders. However, there have been some noted side effects of usage, as minimal as they may be.

These side effects include nausea, diarrhea, and slight irritability. Most people reporting these minor side effects say it happened after high dosages. Compared to traditional treatments that have the risk of addiction symptoms, CBD seems like a viable alternative for individuals with any of the above ailments.

Finding Your Dosage

Several edibles, such as CBD gummies work in different dosages depending on the person. It is important to know your dosage before attempting to consume any of these edibles. Three factors come into play when choosing your desired dosage: effectiveness, weight, and concentration.

  • Effectiveness: In usual cases, individuals suffering from chronic ailments may require a higher dosage of CBD rather than those with more acute ailments.
  • Weight: One rule of thumb in selecting your dosage is to consider your body weight. Heavier individuals may require a higher dosage to experience the same effect as someone who has a lower weight and is taking a lower dosage.
  • Concentration: It is important to know that the measurements for CBD gummies are in milligrams (mg). How many milligrams a product has of CBD is essentially how much CBD is in the product.

CBD Gummies

Usually, edibles such as gummies take a longer time to take effect, but the effect lasts longer as compared with other forms of CBD. The length of the effect depends upon your concentration, and measuring dosage with gummies is simple because each gummy represents one serving. This information can also be found on the label accompanying the product. Most CBD gummies bottles often include a dosage from 5mg to 100mg.


If you decide to go the route of CBD gummies, HappyTea takes pride in providing top quality, CBD products for your everyday use and has a wide array of products containing different dosages for every individual need. If you are looking for some great-tasting CBD gummies or other products, be sure to check out our shop

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    • Mike Madsen says:

      Hi Suzanne,

      I know Happy Tea gummies work for me.

      The great thing about CBD is, it seems like no matter which way you take it, it has great benefits. One of the things that drew me personally to CBD products to begin with was it’s alleged ability to reduce inflammation. For me, it has worked wonders. However, I can’t make any medical claims so I’ll just say it seems to work really well for me in reducing inflammation in my joints and muscles. There have been studies that supposedly corroborate this; all I know for sure is it works for me and I’ve heard a lot of people say the same thing.

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