CBD Cream For Psoriasis

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If you’re struggling with psoriasis, you’ve probably tried various creams so far in order to treat the condition. But did you know that you can also use CBD cream for psoriasis?  To learn more about it, keep reading!

What Is Psoriasis? 

Psoriasis can be just as hard to treat as it is itchy and uncomfortable. The condition is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory skin disorder that creates a quick rate of skin cell growth. Psoriatic patches of skin regrow at twice the normal rate. This is a result of the cells continuously signaling the immune system that the skin is unhealthy. Of course, sufferers find themselves repeating this explanation ad nauseam to their overly curious friends.

Using CBD Cream For Psoriasis

With all that said, there are many treatments available with varying levels of success at combating the skin disorder. It can be tiring to hear the same advice: avoid hot showers, try topical retinoids. Somebody’s aunt zapped psoriasis away with a lemon-baking soda scrub. On and on and on. Ultimately, the disease is an autoimmune one – in other words, the problem is beneath the skin.

Although there’s no cure-all fix, CBD has grown to become one of the most popular treatments for psoriasis and other painful skin conditions. Unlike traditional corticosteroids, CBD is a natural plant-based derivative. Researchers claim that cannabidiol has no long term negative physical health impacts.

The most widely agreed upon feature of CBD is that it’s anti-inflammatory. Considering that psoriasis is caused by the inflammatory immune response, it’s no surprise that users claim that CBD is very helpful at reducing the symptoms of psoriasis. Research shows that CBD applied topically or orally can be tremendously beneficial by interacting with our natural skin enzyme receptors.

Studies claim that CBD functions to inhibit the stress-oxidation response, preventing strong emotional reactions from creating psoriasis flare ups. This may not only decrease visible redness on the skin, but targets inflammation inside the body. According to researchers, this process inhibits the growth of keratinocytes. These are the type of cells that renew the outer skin layer and are reproduced too often due to the psoriatic autoimmune reaction.


Most users claim that it’s best to take both CBD drops and apply intensive, moisturizing CBD creams on a regular basis. Through a combination of methods, many sufferers can inhibit the problem directly at its source and find a sustainable way to treat the condition. Users can maximize a whole range of researched benefits, as CBD has been shown to promote anti-aging, reduce eczema, and decrease acne production.

At HappyTea, some of the best, most demonstrably effective, CBD solutions on the market are available. Whether the user prefers oil, mixable tinctures, or refreshing teas, there are many options out there for the curious.

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