5 Rules For Buying a Quality CBD Product

These days, a growing number of people are interested in the health benefits of cannabidiol oil. If you are one of them, what you may not realize is that not all cannabidiol oil is created the same. It’s important to buy high quality oil if you are to truly realize all of the benefits. So how do you know if you are buying the right product? Here are some things to consider.

Rule #1: Understand how much CBD you’re getting

Not everyone requires the same amount of cannabidiol oil to achieve the same results. Some will notice benefits after taking as little as 10 mg, the amount found in a single dosage of Happy Tea. Others will need a twice-daily dose of up to 20 mg. Children and those with a low tolerance to hemp products may do well when taking only 5 mg daily.

It will likely take some trial and error to determine which dosage is right for you. But before you can know exactly how much cannabidiol you are consuming, you must first understand concentrations. This requires you to carefully read the label in order to know how much product is in the bottle. The concentration listed is the amount contained in the entire container. You must divide this amount by the volume of oil to determine the concentration.

A reputable supplier will be forthcoming about their concentrations. We proudly offer cannabidiol oil with twice the concentration of many of our competitors. If you have questions as to how much is in each drop, we will be happy to answer them for you.

Rule #2: When it comes to ingredients, less is more

You’ve probably heard that the best way to shop for healthy food is by checking the label. In doing so, you should look for products with as few ingredients as possible. What’s more, those ingredients should be familiar ones and not items that are difficult to pronounce.

The same rules apply when purchasing cannabis oil. In other words, you should select an oil that does not contain artificial ingredients such as processing chemicals and flavorings. In reading the label, you might also discover that certain brands contain added fillers. This is something that does not provide any added value to you and might actually make the oil harmful.

You should also beware of so-called “superfoods”, which are added by some manufacturers because they allegedly increase the health benefits. The truth is that there is no evidence to prove whether or not these superfoods actually provide any additional benefits. In fact, the odds that they are truly helpful is probably very slim, since only tiny amounts of superfoods are included in every item.

Rule #3: When it comes to cannabinoids, more is more

What are cannabinoids? Cannabinoids are naturally-occurring chemical compounds found in the hemp plant. This is the plant from which cannabidiol oil is derived. In all, there are more than 80 known cannabinoids, and all of them provide their own unique benefits.

Not only do all cannabinoids provide benefits, but research performed over the past half-century has shown that consuming more than one compound at the same time can magnify the benefits. As such, you should look for products that contain CBD in addition to other cannabinoids in order to enjoy what has been touted as the entourage effect.

How can you know whether a product contains only one cannabinoid or multiple ones? Look for the term “full spectrum” on the package label if you desire an item with multiple cannabinoids. On the other hand, those marked as isolates will contain only cannabidiol oil.

Remember, that to achieve the most benefits possible, you need to consume more than cannabinoid. As such, you should look for full-spectrum cannabis products whenever possible.

Rule #4: Not all CBD is created equal

Cannabidiol oil can be derived from two sources: marijuana or hemp plants. While both belong to the cannabis plant family, only the second is legal here in the United States. According to federal law, cannabidiol oil containing no more than 0.3% THC is safe and legal to consume in all 50 states. This means we can ship our merchandise to you anywhere in the country so you can safely enjoy its benefits.

Just because your oil contains some THC does not make it unsafe. Very low levels such as the amount set by the feds will not produce a high, nor will it create a dependency. Your body can process hemp-based cannabidiol very naturally, meaning you should respond very well to it and experience few if any side effects.

Knowing where your product is sourced from is also important. In the USA, cannabis is carefully regulated, but that is not the case in some other countries. Organic cannabidiol oil from locally-grown sources may cost a few extra dollars, but the investment will be worth it in the long run.

When you purchase Happy Tea, you can take comfort in knowing that we purchase only organic crops grown in the clean, unpolluted fields of Kentucky and Colorado.

Rule #5: Watch out for solvents

After harvesting a plant, you must then extract the oil. This is done by either carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction or through the use of solvents.

During CO2 extraction, the gas is warmed to a very high temperature in order to dissolve cannabinoids from the plant. It is the same type of process used in making coffee and other food products. Naturally, this makes it a trusted, safe method.

With the second option, not only is a harmful chemical added, but the oil’s natural compounds could also be compromised. When reading the label, check for solvents such as hexane, butane, ethanol, or any other type of hydrocarbon.

Cannabidiol oil made via carbon dioxide extraction may cost more because it requires expensive equipment and can also take longer. However, the result is a purer product that provides even greater health benefits. We think you will agree that the additional money is very well spent.

Cannabidiol oil allows you to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the negative side effects or associated high. At Happy Tea, we are a leading supplier of cannabidiol oil, and invite you to check out our selection.

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